The X2 club is South Jakarta's biggest night club complex, featuring in the same building one restaurant and four different party areas, each with a different theme and a different music. To me it is a more acceptable version of Kota’s big one-stop entertainment nightclubs, without the naughty side, but with the very same all-in-one concept and the same appeal among Indonesians. It is owned by the Lifestyle Unlimited Group, also the owner of the clubs Vertigo and X-Lounge, of the karaoke X-KTV, and of the restaurants Shabu Tei and Charcoal.

When X2 opened in early 2007, I remember being very sceptical about whether or not it could be successful. At the time the Jakarta nightlife scene was already very competitive and I was not sure they could manage to gather 5000 people (the actual capacity of X2) every day to party. It was clearly a big bet and today, there is no question that X2 has won it and has managed brilliantly to establish itself as one of Jakarta’s leading clubbing venue.

Though the entrance fee is unreasonably high at over Rp.100,000 on most nights, it is usually very difficult to find enough room to dance and it can take quite a long time to go from the dancefloor to the bar when refills are needed. However, the crowd has gotten a little younger than when it began, with the average X2 clubber being a 20-25 years-old student. It still attracts the beautiful though and you should try to make an effort when dressing up, especially girls. Torn jeans are not accepted..

As I said, the X2 club holds four dancing areas: the X2 main room, on the lower lever, which has house & progressive commercial music. The sound-system is excellent and the sound one of the best I have heard in my life: Just perfect crystal clear. In my opinion it is the best thing about X2.

The second biggest room is called Equinox and is on the upper-level. Except for special events, they usually have hip-hop and R&B, with a twist of disco. Good atmosphere there, similar to that of Blowfish.

The third room, near the X2 main floor is the Vintage club. It is my favourite place to be in X2 since it is a little more intimate, and I believe it is targeted for an older crowd of expats and executives. It is an equivalent of Red Square or Dragonfly.

The fourth room is the Ego Ultra Lounge, which I’ve never been to since it is reserved for the VIP clientele which unfortunately I’m not part of. It is the room near the Equinox, on the upper level, with view on the X2 main room dancefloor. At last, there is also a restaurant, Pier9, but since this blog is only about Jakarta nightlife, I won’t review it.

Almost every two weeks, the club hosts international DJs among the world’s most famous, with a preference for trance DJs. This makes X2 a recognized nightclub in all of Southeast Asia. Quite frequently as well, it holds special events involving sexy dancers or fashion models show, many of which are supported by FHM or Maxim Indonesia. Ladies night is on Wednesday, with free entrance for girls.

In spite of being so successful, I rarely go to X2 because I feel like I’m just a number in such huge places, that are principally about making (lots of) money. There is too much business and marketing at work in X2 with the VIP cards, the guest-lists, the exclusive memberships, the privilege seats, the reserved tables, the preferred reservations, the bypass admission lines... Basically, if you only pay for your entrance, don’t expect much service from the staff because what you are is a non very important person (non-VIP), with no seats, no tables, and no by-pass lines. Being treated as a lesser customer is really not my thing when spending my money anywhere.

The photos were taken on X2's facebook fan page: To see more pictures of X2 parties and to have the latest information about events there, I advise you to check: X2 Nightclub Jakarta Facebook.

They also have a website which is very slow to load: Jakarta X2 Club Website.

Contact details:
X2 Club (with Equinox, Vintage, Ego Ultra Lounge, Pier9)
Plaza Senayan, 4th & 5th Floor, Senayan Square Complex
Jl. Asia Afrika no. 8

Email: info@x2club.net
Phone number: +6221-5725559-60
Fax: +6221-5725570